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Ice Cream

Our delicious ice cream is made with ingredients of superior most quality. We push to the limit to source best quality milk, cream, fruits, nuts and other ingredients and this makes our ice creams more rich, creamy and flavourful.

Thick Shakes

Smooth & creamy textured Thick Shakes made with blending of ice cream & topped with highest quality ingredients including branded chocolates like, Cadbury, Snickers, Ferrero Rocher, Nutella, Bounty, Kit Kat, Drufruits, Fudge, Caramel, Brownies & more.


100% Natural fruity pops made with farm fresh fruits. Without any artificial color, flavor, milk, or preservatives. Only & Only Fruits that’s it.


Our Faloodas is a felicitous coupling of silky vermicelli noodles with ice cream and slithery black basil seeds (takmaria), all of which is steeped in a colourful bath of flavored syrup, topped with kulfi scoop with nuts sprinkled over.

Premium Sticks

Our Premium Sticks is completely handcrafted & made with pure chocolates. Each stick has its own specialties like multiple chocolate layered sticks, brownie filled sticks, Cadbury’s Gems filled sticks especially for kids & more.

Ultimate Creation

This innovative category contains our special & unique products like, Banarasi Paan Ice Cream, Fruity Cream, Chocolatey Cocoa, Traditional Kulfies & more

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